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Kingdom Come (CD)

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Let Me Know Your Heart
Light Beams
Damascus Road
Beautiful Morning
Jesus is Lord
My Father
Silent Night
Man of Sorrows
I Love All That You Are
The Passion
The Lord's Prayer

Kingdom Come by Steph Macleod.

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  1. Diego Sanchez

    This has quickly become my favorite worship album. A truly unique blend of genres and styles, all to the Glory of Christ. Steph’s passionate voice has made me shed tears many times, helping me draw closer to Jesus. The album flows so well, with a cinematic and almost Broadway-like epic feel to some of the songs. Reminds me of some of those prog-rock albums of the 70’s in how they just transport you to a different place and take you on a sonic journey, but of course much better since this is Christian hehe. Thank you Steph, I highly recommend this album to anyone who enjoys Christ-exalting worship music! – Diego from Mexico

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